Part 1: Evaluating options

Just some pictures for the time being...

First dig a trench for the DC solar cables. I have plans for more cables both power and data to the end of our meadow, so I'm using a conduit so I can add them later:
Conduit trench PV array to inverter kiosk

Using a spade is hard work so hire a mini-digger:
mini digger

Get friends to help assemble wooden trusses into a frame for the panels to sit on. The exterior plywood acts as a shear panel to stiffen the whole assembly:
Building frame

Frame finished and painted, just started fitting rails to mount PV panels:
Finished frame

End view showing ground anchors used to firmly hold timber off ground. The stainless studding is used to level the whole frame as it was built, but it turnes out that the ground anchors wind up and down so easily I would simply bold the trusses to the anchours if I did it again. This is the high end, but there is still about 750mm in the ground:
Ground anchors

The finished 16 panel array:
Finished PV array

The other end of the conduit requires a kiosk to house the electrical connctions and inverter. The concrete base has a suitable tub to allow easy termination of the conduit, the rope is a drawstring to pull the cables through:
Concrete kiosk base

Finished kiosk fitted to concrete base and PV panel array in the meadow behind, but still a bit more wiring to install before it is fully functional:
Evening view of fihished kiosk and array