Tim leaning on a fence
In proper Norfolk style, I'm leaning on a fence.

Welcome to my personal website.

This is a work-in-progress and probably always will be, some items are updated often and some already have a large content, others are empty! Following the May2015 election, where I was not returned to Dereham Town Council, I may have more time available. However, there is rather a long job list saved up over the last year which I must look at first.

The site framework is in place, grouped in six associated sectors, choose a sector header for more about it or drill down directly to a particular project. This makes it easier for me to add stuff as time becomes available. At some point I'll adapt the navigation to work better with a touch screen.

Electric Vehicles




Vehicles (diesel/petrol)


If you feel there are errors or you believe you have rights over any content please contact me to discuss. Generally, images are created myself or are from an open/public source. Unless otherwise specified all opinion and comment is mine alone and is offered in good faith.