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Tim's rant!

Your Green Party Candidate for Mid-Norfolk

Timothy Birt is a well-known town councillor in Dereham, now stepping up to contest the Mid Norfolk seat. He is a 45 year old self employed electronics engineer with special interests in buildings, energy and transport. Recently, Tim has developed a fast electric sports car for the Ecotricity company, but more usual work includes medical and industrial test equipment.

Tim is married, has lived in the area for nearly twenty years and his two children attend local state schools. Tim likes to roll his sleeves up and get involved with local projects, often without making a song-and-dance about it --- so not your typical politician!

Fair is worth fighting for

A Green vote probably has more effect than any other because it has a positive effect on the policy decisions of the other major parties.
So, vote for what you believe in ...

vote Green it will make a difference.

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