Vehicles (ICE)

Land Rover mountain In case it needs explanation, ICE means 'Internal Combustion Engine' as opposed to Electric Vehicles which have their own section.

We have had our share of ordinary cars, may be less than most people as we tend to run them until their useful life is all used up and they are only good for the scrap yard. However, this section is about the slightly more interesting vehicles I have owned.

Land Rover Defender 110:  It has never yet failed to get home, but it has been close a couple of times. This is the last of the mechanical Land Rovers (no engine electronics). These are tough vehicles but need regular maintenance. This one has done well over 250,000 miles on its original engine - and that is a mix of towing and lots of local trips.

David Brown 995 tractor:  Just purchased this 40 year old tractor. It was advanced in its time and is still usable today.

LDV Pilot Minibus:  A really useful and practical vehicle, but with a few problems.

Reliant Kitten:  My first car. This was a four wheeled version of the Reliant Robin three-wheeler, it was designed to compete with the mini, but the GRP body made it too expensive. Great fun and I learned a lot from this vehicle, which I drove about 250,000 miles!