Birthday cake for tea
From the pencil behind my ear I must have been doing woodwork,
but had taken some time off to enjoy my birthday cake.

Welcome to my personal website.

I have started to document some of my more interesting projects and experiences, I will add more as time permits. There is a cross-over between hobby/home and work, often I start and experiment myself at home then use that to develop projects at work, this has happened with my electric vehicles and renewable energy. I am happy to share my experiences including errors & mistakes as well as successes. Please use this to help your own projects, but obviously I can't take responsibility for what you do! If you do something similar, please publish your findings so we can all learn more - especially if you get a different result.

Site construction

The site is grouped into six associated sectors, choose a sector header for more about it or drill down directly to a particular project - see link-list below. In odd places there may be a green dotted underlined word You have hovered over the "word"!

This is a new (Sept, 2014) piece of CSS code. I don't yet know if it will be useful - it might make pages more compact - or it might just be a gimmick?

'Hover' effects don't seem to be so effective with touch screens, same goes for the navigation menu at the top of the page.
- hover the mouse over it for more information. I am yet to optimise pages for smart phones or touch screens.

The site framework is in place, but not all links have content yet. Some items are updated often and some already have a large content, others are still on the to-do list:

Electric Vehicles




Vehicles (diesel/petrol)


For work stuff try HERE but be warned it is many years out-of-date.

If you feel there are errors or you believe you have rights over any content please contact me to discuss. Generally, images are created myself or are from an open/public source. Unless otherwise specified all opinion and comment is mine alone and offered in good faith.