Part 5: Options for Repair?

It appears my options are 'give up' or fix this mess myself. A fix may be possible but it will be a difficult, expensive and time consuming process. There are certainly cheaper and better ways to harness wind power than starting with this pile of what is currently "junk".

To maintain the current certification I will need to keep as much original as possible and only repair the faults - no mean task. If I was starting again I would be looking at new blade design and maybe a better alternator, certainly a different inverter. However, I will have to work around these components as best I can.

Clearly, the furling mechanism is a big problem, the Bergey design requires the existing turbine to sit off the centre-line of the tower. This out of balance force introduces a lateral rocking force, rather than simply a torque as the alternator rotates. It would be sensible to bring the turbine back onto the tower centre-line. This suggests a powered nacelle which can be driven by a motor into the wind but this is a quite major increase in complexity. The advantage would be to have absolute control, there would be no hunting or the tail being kicked off wind by a brief gust. The sounding board tail-fin and boom could then be eliminated.

The turbine has no full-time brake, so I will need to address this shortcoming. An eddy-current brake would not wear out but since it will have little use maybe a friction brake will be fine.

I will update this section as I acquire and evaluate components. If anyone has experience, ideas or can help in any way I would very much like to hear from you.