Tractor: Repairs and Upgrades

Tractor with wheel off This is probably just the start...
As purchased, the tractor was set up as a high clear configuration for row crop work. First job is to reset it back to a conventional height model. I have a replacement front axle and the rear axle ends need rotating by 90° this has the effect of moving the wheel more rearwards and lowering the chassis / ground clearance, which will improve stability for the next part which is fitting a front loader.

Lowering rear axle

Notice that my extra height 'Land Rover' axle stands still have to be propped on some wood to reach; once the tractor is back to normal height they should be fine.

This little job had an annoying problem ... the brackets which hold the roll cage to the axle are extended thus:
original high clear bracket

Despite what it looks like it is impossible to rotate the axle end using these bracket because they foul the bulge (output shaft bearing) between the two 3-bolt fixing points. The brackets could have been made with an appropriate cut out/bend and extra holes, which would have been sensible to allow easy change between 'high clear' and standard height using the same bracket.

It doesn't look a trivial job to get the existing brackets out being as they support the cab and anyway I don't have the correct brackets so it looks like a cutting and drilling job is required. I don't mind making a modification, but I don't like doing something which means it can't be easily restored - but there seems no option but to cut off the lower part of the bracket so putting the tractor back to 'high clear' will be more difficult:
Bracket cut

Here is the final assembly with the axle-end rotated and screwed onto the cut down bracket. A quick wire brush and some red-oxide paint.
Final axle position

This wheel is much more difficult to turn than the other side, the bakes are off so there is something else wrong which needs further investigation. I also noticed that the brake shoes are nearly worn so the hubs will be off again later to replace the brake linings.

Front axle

I have a complete front axle, but it seems the easiest option is to simply swap out the ends. These are intended to be field adjustable so should be a simple unbolt / break the track-rod end tapers and swap for the standard height steering hubs.